The Economic Imperative – Making Money from 5G!

Every evolution of mobile technology has commoditized and cannibalised existing revenue streams – from voice to SMS to data.   But 5G isn’t just 4G on steroids.  It isn’t just super-fast -  it also features super high availability, offering better lifetimes of over 10 years for devices and super low latency – and these change the game.

Maximising the capabilities of these powerful features, IoT will be the disruptor and saviour for 5G.  Money will be made through initiatives in Superfast Broadband, Massive IoT and Critical IoT services.  CSPs need to position themselves - once again – as experts in the network or in bringing innovative value-added offerings to the market.

Regardless of the path they take, efficient and low-cost operations is needed.  In fact, 5G and IoT will fast-track the cloudification of BSS.  Monetisation solutions that automate everything and enable innovation and B2B2X commercial models will be essential.  Mobilising, scaling and optimising field teams to deploy and maintain infrastructure, as well as deliver services to end consumers will be a necessity to support the IoT services portfolio.

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