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Automated document processing. Automatic profitability.
As an operator in the telecom industry, you have hundreds maybe even thousands of active agreements in place with interconnect partners. Agreements that each require a continuous exchange of rate sheets, statements, invoices, dispute records, refile and bilateral agreements and more. You need to make certain that each document is accurately recorded and accepted to minimize disputes, maximize profitability and keep the competition at bay.

CSG Exchange automates the receipt and processing of updated partner and contractual information without the need for hardware, software or skilled resources. Thus accelerating document processing, minimizing costly disputes between partners and making your business more responsive and more profitable than ever before.

CSG Exchange provides:
  • Secure upload of data from private, web-based email account drop box
  • Email notification and alerts to both parties as information is processed
  • Formalized acceptance or rejection of information received from partners
  • An official repository of approved documentation
  • Automatic loading of relevant data into billing and routing systems
  • Faster exploitation of advantageous rate changes
  • Compliance with GBET templates and protocols

CSG Exchange services

CSG Exchange automates the management and processing of updated partner and contractual information.
Download the CSG Exchange data sheet to discover how automated contractual agreement transfer saves time, money and partner relationships.
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CSG International | CSG Exchange Data Sheet
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