To keep up with an unrelenting barrage of security attacks, organizations need to adopt automation technologies that help them respond to threats more quickly—and reduce risk and cost in the process.

A new survey of CIOs and CISOs from IDG Research  paints a clear picture of corporate security threats and how automation can help. The vast majority of respon-dents to the survey, conducted in December 2013 and January 2014, report that neither the number nor severity of security breaches is going down.

What’s more, detecting attacks often takes an alarmingly long time—46% of respondents report an average detection time of hours  or days. Resolution once an attack has been identified takes even longer, with 54% reporting average resolution times of days, weeks or months.

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Resolving Breaches Takes Days, Weeks or Months
IDG Research and CSG Invotas Security Automation Survey
Survey Shows Increased Need for Security Automation
to Protect Network Assets

  • Reducing response times is a priority for 61%.
  • Automating security workflows is a favored solution: 82% are either very comfortable or somewhat comfortable with it.
  • Security workflow automation is gaining momentum: 63% will automate more in the coming year.
Respondents recognize the great strides that security automation has taken over the years, and companies should take a fresh look at the benefits it can bring.

Whereas companies once were uneasy about automation for fear of inadvertently denying access to legitimate users, today such technology can be effective on an enterprise scale. Additionally, automation brings cost benefits including making better use of scarce resources such as security experts’ time and minimizing the financial impacts of data loss and damage to the corporate brand.

To read more about the IDG Research survey and how security automation can help companies mount a stronger defense against the persistent threats to today’s corporate environments, download the MarketPulse white paper.
IDG Research and CSG Invotas Security Automation Quote
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