CSG offers an integrated suite of wholesale solutions to help you operate your business with confidence and ensure your partners deliver the service quality and optimal rates you expect. CSG understands wholesale and the breadth and depth of our solutions and services reflect that expertise.

CSG Route

  • optimizes and automates routing of international calls based on more than just cost
  • provides direct visibility and control of inbound and outbound roaming subscribers, allowing hands-on management of your roamer business
  • web-based partner agreement Exchange service ensures the latest agreements are filed and deployed across relevant systemsshortening the contracting cycle, minimizing disputes, and speeding rate advantage

The proactive monitoring of the
CSG Assure
  • Global Test Network covering more than 430 mobile networks in 135 countries
  • monitor service quality in the called network
  • identify problems before they impact your customers and profitability, and select the right partners for your business.

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