Stratecast Best Practices Review

CSPs rely on robust interconnect and settlements solutions to monetize the digital services traffic crossing telecommunications networks each day. This capability is essential to their long-term profitability and growth potential. Stratecast reviewed the offerings of nearly 60 suppliers that offer some form of interconnect and settlement functionality to determine which suppliers lead the wholesale revenue management market.

Check out the 2017 Global Stratecast CSP Monetization Interconnect & Settlement Market Leadership Award Best Practices research paper as it delves into the review criteria, the needs of the CSP market and details why CSG is a global leader in the space and “expected to remain a dominant force in the wholesale revenue management market, especially the interconnect market, for the foreseeable future.”

Included in the Best Practices paper are discussions of current industry challenges like:

  • Wholesale Interconnect Needs of IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Wholesale Fraud Management
  • Wholesale Partner Connectivity Management

Download now to read more of their evaluation of WBMS, CSG’s market-leading solution and its unique position as one of a select number of suppliers that can address all of the business management needs within the complex interconnect and settlement market.

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