Concerned about Roaming Quality?

Protect roaming revenue with active, automated GRQ and IREG testing
Roamers expect to receive the same quality of service they experience in their home network. However, mobile operators are facing a rapidly changing and increasingly challenging environment as LTE becomes more prevalent, creating more services to test with each roaming partner.

The solution: CSG Assure. a managed test facility that 
makes fast work of even the most complex testing scenarios. All tests can be performed in an interactive (real-time) or scheduled (automated recurring) manner. 

Mobile operators use Assure Roaming Testing to verify the call quality, SMS delivery and data performance to ensure outbound as well as inbound roamers are experiencing the expected service quality.

The Advantages of Active Testing
  • Provides true end-to-end testing
  • Covers all GSMA GRQ KPIs, e.g. voice quality (MOS), SMS delivery and data downloads
  • Full control of the testing scope, reproducible testing
Powered by one of the largest proprietary Global Test Networks in the world, CSG is the de-facto standard worldwide for proactive quality testing.

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