CSG Wholesale Solutions 

Is your Wholesale Revenue in jeopardy from poor call quality or less than optimal routing decisions?  Are your partners honouring the service quality you are paying for?

CSG knows the important of Voice, Data and SMS delivery quality to your customers and partners. We specialise in wholesale solutions designed to help you make better decisions and to keep your partners true.

Fraud Protection:  Illegal bypass termination is a huge drain on operator revenue.  Talk to CSG about Fraud Protection integrating Illegal Bypass Detection with Auto-Blocking to stop fraudsters in their tracks.  Find out more: CSG Fraud Protection

  • Illegal Bypass Detection and Auto-blocking 

  • Trading & Routing Optimization

  • QoS based Routing Decisions

  • Active Fraud Testing

  • A-number Origin Management

  • Rate Sheet Exchange Automation

  • Complete Range of Testing Services  with a Global Test Network

    • Voice Carrier, DID/Tollfree Number, SMS

CSG can help. Meet with us at Capacity Middle East 2019 and let us show you how.

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