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The connected-everything world has promised to give consumers every form of communication and entertainment at their fingertips, underwritten by lightning-fast networks, devices, apps and sensors all communicating with each other at machine-speed.

Most industry pundits predict that the connected world of sensors and other smart devices that comprise the Internet of Things (IoT) will play a much larger role in our lives in the not too distant future and many speculate that connected devices will eventually “self-install,” eliminating the need for human intervention to connect the elements of the connected world together. 

But our recent market poll shows that over the next 3 years, consumers will want human help more than ever before to build connections between the machines in their homes.

In a survey of 2,000 consumers across 5 countries, respondents made predictions about how the connected home will become connected. Download your Executive Summary of The Future of the Digital Experience: Connected Service Edition and discover the answers to key questions such as: how many connected devices in the home will drive consumers to seek technical help?  Who will they turn to for help and what kinds of devices are they most likely to connect? 

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