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The Digital Economy is driving change throughout wholesale operations.  With new types of business models, partners, services and networks being deployed the demands on wholesale operations demands automation, agility and low cost of operations.   CSG experts are on hand to discuss these topics and much more. Fill out the form to the right and we will be in touch to discuss:

  • Digital Partner Management and Settlements: Partner volumes and types are set to scale dramatically for IoT ecosystems.  CSG can help you rapidly onboard partners through automation, along with data and revenue sharing and automated settlements.
  • Wholesale SaaS: With the wholesale market changing rapidly, Service Providers are asking for a solution that adapts as fast as the market does–without dealing with costly upgrades. CSG Wholesale SaaS is a cloud-based, out-of-the-box service offering, always up-to-date and automates your data-driven operations through client interfaces and published APIs. 
  • Fraud Prevention: Managing the latest threats from fraudsters is a continuing challenge to wholesale revenue, one that can be mitigated with built in active and passive detection and management processes.
  • Dispute Reconciliation Management: Wholesale volumes are set to skyrocket in the IoT market, and manual processes for reconciliation efficiency and auditability will be inadequate.  Automation is key.
  • Origin Based Rates: Only those Service Providers that can handle Origin Based Rates will succeed in the markets dominated by OBR. Learn how OBR can be handled with ease end-to-end.
  • A2P Messaging: Service Providers are assessing and investing in wholesale SMS messaging hubs to compete in A2P messaging space and enabling IOT.  Learn how to verify the quality of your messaging services.
  • Carrier Testing: Pro-active, automated quality control of your routes and suppliers lets service providers use quality as a market differentiator, a revenue enabler and meet customer commitments.
  • Deal Management: Managing Swap and Bilateral deals prior, during and after deal execution will help maximize profitability.  By enabling simulation, negotiation and profitability analysis of deals in turn enables routing to be aligned with the best active deals.
  • Blockchain:  Working with the Carrier community, CSG has a vision of blockchain enabling trusted, transparent, rapid and cost-efficient wholesale settlement between carriers and their partners to enable delivery of all types of services to their customers. Talk to us about the benefits of Blockchain technology from settlements to trading, routing, roaming, fraud and partner management.

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