CSG is a proud sponsor of RAG (Risk & Assurance Group) this year.

Arrange a meeting with our subject matter experts to learn more about our service assurance and fraud protection solutions. Some of the topics we'll be discussing include: 

  • Gaining A Competitive Edge with Guaranteed Call Quality
    Changes in voice calling markets and networks have exposed many carriers to revenue loss and deteriorating quality in their international voice business. Discover how CSG is helping 150+ operators demonstrate and prove their call quality, attracting other operators and carriers to use their networks.
  • Stopping Telecom Fraud Using Big Data & AI Machine Learning
    Telecom fraud not only impacts CSPs’ bottom lines - it also impacts CSPs’ relationships with their customers. Learn how CSG is using active and passive testing for fast accurate detection of fraud.
  • Illegal Bypass Fraud Protection
    Fraud presents a huge problem for mobile network operators around the world. But of all the different interconnect fraud issues, illegal bypass termination is the largest. Find out how CSG is helping hundreds of operators from around the world with a fully integrated illegal bypass fraud solution.
  • Dispute Reconciliation Management
    One of the central pain points for a communications service provider in the wholesale area is the lack of automation and tracking of the reconciliation and subsequent dispute process. Find out how CSG helps operators address this issue.
  • Benefits of Blockchain Technology
    Working with the Carrier community, CSG has a vision of blockchain enabling trusted, transparent, rapid and cost-efficient wholesale settlement between carriers and their partners to enable delivery of all types of services to their customers. Talk to CSG about the benefits of Blockchain technology from settlements to trading, routing, roaming, fraud and partner management.
  • Wholesale SaaS
    With the wholesale market changing rapidly, Service Providers are asking for a solution that adapts as fast as the market does–and no costly upgrades. CSG Wholesale SaaS is a cloud-based, out-of-the-box service offering, automating your data - driven operations through client interfaces and published APIs. 

To arrange a meeting with the CSG team, please complete the online form and we'll respond to confirm the timeslot. Interested in more information? Go to csgi.com.

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