CSG Survey: Pay TV Providers Enjoy Numerous Advantages as Market Heats Up

What's Important in the Evolution of the Digital Content Experience?

It’s a billion dollar question for the U.S. Pay TV Industry: How will providers evolve the digital content market to a multi-device offering, going beyond delivering services to households and instead targeting personalized offerings to individual consumers?

To help answer that question, CSG went straight to the source: the consumers themselves.

CSG’s independent survey of U.S. consumers reveals the five most significant influencing factors on digital content purchases and behavior.

  • Price of content is the single largest influencer on a consumer's decision to purchase and average monthly spend is greatly influenced by age.
  • Multi-screen usage is the new norm, particularly among younger consumers.
  • Pay TV providers are in good standing with consumers over age 35, but have work to do to engage younger demographics- who prefer Over-the-Top (OTT) content providers.
  • Viewing quality is important, particularly to those consumers who spend the most on content and use it across more devices.
  • Ease of Use influences buying decisions, particularly for older consumers.

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