Today, it does not matter what industry you are in – every company must embrace digitalization. At CSG, we support your transition from traditional to digital, at a pace that keeps up with the speed of the market. We are experts in the optimization of legacy systems and will enhance your customer experience without the need for physical presence which will impact your customers’ trust and brand affinity. We have the technology, ideas, and experience to accelerate your digital transformation journey and many companies have placed their trust in our expertise from AT&T and Formula One to MTN and Telstra.

While coronavirus has made it difficult to meet physically, we have effortlessly adapted to the current circumstances. Request a virtual meeting with one of our subject matter experts at the Digital Transformation World Series 2020 to learn how we can help your business flourish in the digital economy.


CX Innovation Driving Brand Refresh
15:25 –  15:40 pm CET l Thursday 15 October 2020

  • Consumers often hold market incumbents to a higher standard than new entrants
  • How do incumbents deliver to (and exceed) CX expectations, when they maintain the burden of historical networks and systems
  • What is needed from a modern BSS needs to drive superior CX through innovation in offerings and streamlined UX 
  • How do service providers modernize their tech stacks successfully, when many transformations fail or overrun
  • Learn how MTC is taking on market challengers by modernizing their BSS and delivering exceptional CX, and simultaneously improving OPEX and minimizing dependencies on legacy resources. 

Viv Tuuneko, General Manager, Customer Care, Sales & Service, MTC
James Kirby, SVP & Head of EMEA, CSG

Leap Frogging The Market With Cloud Native Efficiencies
18:15 – 18:30 CET l Wednesday 4 November 2020

  • IoT is a scale business so needs a way to cost efficiently build that scale
  • A centralized cloud platform is the perfect way to achieve this
  • Have the ability to add other lines of business such as MVNO, sub brands with much lower lead times
  • Learn how CKH IOD Is looking to use the scale of the 3 network to deliver new opportunities using CSG’s cloud capability.

Joe Parker, CEO, CKH Innovations Opportunities Development
James Kirby, SVP & Head of EMEA, CSG

Catalyst: From Ecosystem To Opportunity - A Playbook Approach For CSP

Session 1: 10:10 - 10: 50 l Thursday 5 November 2020
Session 2: 16:40 pm - 17:20 l Thursday 5 November 2020

This Catalyst project is developing a useful set of tools for communication service providers (CSP) professionals in the areas of enterprise architecture, strategy, business modelling and product management. It aligns with the digital industry in its adoption of the methodologies used to evaluate opportunities and provides a pragmatic way of bringing together TM Forum assets into action plans that can be adopted by CSPs of all sizes.

Champions: STC
Participants: CSG, IBM, Tata Consultancy Services, Tr3dent, Zira

TM Forum Digital Leadership Summit: Driving Innovation in the B2B Market
14:00 – 15:00 CET l Wednesday 11 November

  • The B2B segment is poised for growth but CSP’s need to adapt
  • What are the drivers for B2B growth in the 2020’s, and what is the CSP’s role?
  • Will enterprises break free and develop their own 5G networks – and what are the alternatives?
  • How collaboration, coopetition and co-creation will define the digital ecosystem of the future
  • How the TM Forum ‘Ecosystems: From opportunity to capability - A playbook approach for CSPs’ will accelerate success for innovative service providers

This is an invitation only event. For further information, please click here.

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